To provide an unrivaled gaming life to all gamers in the world,
OP.GG creates the best values only for gamers.

Our Story

OP.GG first started as a League of Legends stats search engine in 2012. We have grown into a global gaming platform that provides inspiring and significant data, as well as user-friendly experiences to gamers. Our gradual growth was made possible by the support and encouragement of all of our users. With the aim to repay the passion our users have shown throughout the years: we relentlessly research and boldly challenge ourselves to provide an encouraging and fun environment for both the casual and veteran gamers.

“The platform for all gamers in the world.” This is the permanent direction in which we will move forward.
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To reach gamers from over 170 countries, We are heading towards a wider world.

DATE20 / 12 / 1992

How we work

  • Maximum Efficiency

    we provides an fully remote work environment where you can choose and build your own working environment to achieve the highest efficiency

  • For best potential and achievement

    For a pleasant work life where you can fully immerse and growth yourself in your work without being shaken by the external environment, we are providing various unlimited support considering the life cycle outside the company.

  • Flexibility to make rational decisions

    By minimizing unnecessary formalities and practices, we pursue a flexible culture that is not rigid and candid communication.

  • Games are our identity and potential

    We believe in the good influence and limitless possibilities of games. We provide an opportunity to experience various games so that everyone can get various insights and ideas.

How we make our service

  • For Gamers, By Gamers

    The team at OP.GG are full of hardcore gamers. We enjoy all kinds of games across all platforms. We understand what gamers need and what gamers want at their very cores, and enable them to be engaged even deeper within the games.

  • Ultimate simplicity

    We develop the optimal interface and various user experience so that the value we provide can help the best gaming experience.

  • Broad Insights

    We communicate with various partners in the industry, such as esports officials, professional players, and data analysts, to provide a diverse experience from a variety of perspectives.

  • Challenge

    To provide the ultimate value for gamers, We are constantly challenging.