What is OP.GG?
  • OP.GG is a League of Legends statistics site currently serving 21 million users in 11 regions.
  • We use the latest database technology to provide users with:
    • Match Results
    • Champion Analytics
    • Leaderboards
    • MMR Results
    • and more..
Live Games and Replays
  • Click the "Live Game" button when a game has started to see stats and other information for all players in the match.
  • Use the "Record" feature to record live games to watch later!
Champion Analytics
  • Trying to improve your League skills? With the Champion Statistics feature, users have access to various champion data, including:
    • Win Rates
    • Core Builds
    • Skill Orders
  • Data is based on over hundreds of millions of games to help you make better decisions and become a better player.